Home Spacing

Knowing the size of your home is essential when purchasing new furniture. It is crucial to know your space before buying large items. You must consider the following dimensions:


Measuring the size of your doorways is vital to ensuring a smooth delivery. All interior and exterior doorways need to be measured in height, width, and diagonal length. Analyzing the maximum swing of the door and knob placement is also significant.

Removing doors is often a viable option but should be safely inspected before doing.

Living Space

Visualize the placement of your purchase before buying, knowing exactly how it will fit in your living space. Measuring the space and surrounding area where you plan to place the furniture is important. Your furniture should be placed properly without obstructing any critical areas of your home.

Using tape or string is an excellent way to envision the necessary space needed.


Elevators are often overlooked when measuring a big delivery. If you plan to use an elevator, you must consider its dimensions. Calculating the needed space will help guarantee a safe arrival.

Plan ahead by notifying your building about the schedule of your delivery.


While doorways are commonly checked, hallways sometimes get overlooked. Measure the height, width, and depth of all the hallways your furniture must travel through. Secure your passageways by considering low-hanging light fixtures, art or pictures on the walls, and other furniture or items that might be in your way.


Stairs can be a mover's worst nightmare when bringing in large items. Since stairs can vary in size and structure, every step must be measured. Your stairs' height, width, and depth might change as you go up or down. You must know the dimensions of the narrowest point, confirming a smooth and secure entry.

Furniture and Delivery Box Measurements


The size of your new furniture plays a prominent role in deciding which one to buy. Your purchase should improve your living space, maximizing the capacity without taking up too much room. The dimensions of your furniture are provided in our product descriptions to avoid improper proportions of space.

Delivery Boxes

Determining the measurements of your delivery box is a necessary component of your purchase. The box must be able to travel through your pathways with ease, so only knowing the dimensions of the furniture may cause delivery issues.

White Glove Delivery

Our Services

Our White Glove Delivery provides placement, light assembly, and removal of packaging materials. The local delivery agent will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment that fits your schedule.

Delivery Hours

Deliveries are between the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and will be routinely scheduled within a four-hour window.

Please note that after you have scheduled your order delivery with our carrier, you may not cancel it more than once. If a scheduled delivery is canceled more than once, storage fees will apply.